Monday, March 31, 2008


As you can all see I haven't done anything on blogspot.... first I got lured into my space, but then that was not enough. Then I was persuaded to open a blog on this page ... Then it's face book... in the mean time I have received about 1o invites for hi 5 ... and not to mention my hotmail account. What is this world coming to? Hey sister... so what's next? The NOLIFE CHATROOM???? LOLOLOL ...
So about 3 weeks ago a report came out about people being addicted to technology... cell phones, computers... blogspots... I think my sister is addicted. I'm wondering if there's a TA support group? Technology Anonymous. I think I'm going to have to bury this page and pay my last visit and kiss it good bye... you can all find me at my space and butt book I mean face book.... BOOK THIS!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chinese Food and I .... ;^& no peanuts, no crablegs!

I don't know what's up with me and chinese food but I been having the funniest experiences. Ok. so about 2 weeks ago my brother, my husband, and I went to this chinese place and ordered a few items, one of them was kung pao chicken (the one with the peanuts) so I serve me some and to only find out that there's hardly peanuts in my kung pao! So I think to myself "KUNG PAO THIS!" and am very temted in asking the chinese waitress "Ecusemee, We a my peenus?..... anyways that's that. Then on saturday, we went out to eat to another chinese restaurant, this time it was buffet style. So people are making their rounds and all of a sudden we see this old man walking to his table with a full plate of crablegs! WHAT, no wonder there weren't any at the bar when I went to get some .... anyways I wanted to share my experience with all of you. Meet the man behind the crablegs!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


So where do I start! so many things to say .... Well I'm so sleepy and tired and the worst part of it is that it's only 10:30 AM... ufff! My DEARLY BELOVED brother Ricky has been staying with us for over a month now and snores like there's no tomorrow! if I could just record him and play it for all of you, i'm sure you would join in prayer and faith for his IMMEDIATE healing ( oh please God). I'll be short cause I only have about 1 more hr. to take my morning nap. I already had a very strong cup of coffee yet no difference what so ever and some Lucky Charms ...see how lucky I can get. So really I need to take a nap ... my semi big eyes look like of a squinting chinese person ... I must say Good Mornight to you all! but before I go ... If you would win the lottery say about 50 million dlls, what would you do with the money? tata for now

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hmmm... well where do I start, must say this is my first time blogging. My sister Brenda was my inspiration after checking her's out for the 1'st time jejeje (sorry sis). BTW I really like yours .... I am happily married to my husband Jr (El Boricua) his not only good looking but also a great and loving husband. We have no children yet, we figured we wait a while after the massacre of our fish cookie, tiger, lucky, star, coqui the frog and the other two which I can't remember their names but they were neon's. So for now my husband and I decided that I would go into intense child raising training (just kidding). We live in the beautiful city of San Diego (California not Texas) and love it. Well my day started early, 6am to be exact cause I have to be at work by 7am btw I love my job. Who wouldn't love a job where you can take up to two naps a day, get free breakfast, lunch, go out shopping, create new blogs, do scrapbooking, exercise, or just about anything! My husband and I are both Educators, or as my sister says EDUCATE THIS! jaja. At the moment I'm working in huge project (huge for me at least) I'm creating a scrapbook for a wonderful little boy named Jaiden, so any ideas are more than welcome. Well I got to go and continue scrapbooking woopie!