Monday, March 31, 2008


As you can all see I haven't done anything on blogspot.... first I got lured into my space, but then that was not enough. Then I was persuaded to open a blog on this page ... Then it's face book... in the mean time I have received about 1o invites for hi 5 ... and not to mention my hotmail account. What is this world coming to? Hey sister... so what's next? The NOLIFE CHATROOM???? LOLOLOL ...
So about 3 weeks ago a report came out about people being addicted to technology... cell phones, computers... blogspots... I think my sister is addicted. I'm wondering if there's a TA support group? Technology Anonymous. I think I'm going to have to bury this page and pay my last visit and kiss it good bye... you can all find me at my space and butt book I mean face book.... BOOK THIS!!!!


groovy lisa said...

hey chica. i agree that there's so many avenues to keep in touch. i don't know a lot about facebook, but i become members of all these things so i can reconnect with rhema peeps. i've definitely found more people on facebook than on myspace.

no pressure, sister. just keep in touch with me somehow.

Esther said...

thanks .. someone understands me! I can't keep up with all .. I get tired just by thinking about all I have to check! yes I will keep in touch I'm sure will keep on finding each other in the next new sites that are created by people that are internet goorooos and probably make money just by creating new chat sites .. hmm I wonder if they make good money? I should be one of them since I probably spend the same amount of time on the net just keeping up with mail, comments, gossip, blogs, pics, hugs ... anyway when I make my millions I will let you know! asta la vista bebe!

Domestic Diva said...

Well...just when I can start having times for all bail! What is up with that?

I am really not an avid blogger/blog reader....too much living to do. But I can understand your hermana, b/c she is in that foreign country...she needs all the contact she can get!!!

See you on facebook then!

amazingbrenda said...

You goob head. Well Face book is much better. Here is where I vent & Facebook is where I have fun :) haha


HEHEHEHE COMPUTER NACA! vent away ................!